Holistic medicine

Conventional medicine

Conventional medicine forms the basis of our current health system. It makes sense that all holistic medical treatment options start from there. In my Praxis, I therefore attach great importance to a detailed medical history and a thorough physical examination. In addition, a good cooperation with colleagues of all occupational groups in the health care system is very important for me, in order to work together for the patient.


  • First appointment
  • Psychosomatic treatment talk
  • Preventive medical check-up
  • Normal appointment
  • Short appointment
  • Home visits
  • General medical activities (medical certificates, blood test, vaccinations, infusions, sick leaves, prescriptions, spirometry, medical referrals, etc.)

Alternative and complementary medicine

Alternative and complementary medicine summarize various complementary medical treatment options that are increasingly used in our current health system. In my Praxis, I work with various elements from my Yoga, Mentoring and Heilende Medizin-training.


  • Pranayama (Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma)
  • Meditation (Dhyana and Vipassana)
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Alzheimer’s therapy according to Dr. Nehls