First appointment: 200€ (60 min.)

Psychosomatic treatment talk: 150€ (50 min.)

Preventive medical check-up: 100€ (40 min.)

Normal appointment: 100€ (30 min.)

Short appointment: 50€ (15 min.)

Home visits: 100€ (plus travel costs depending on time and double kilometer)

Certificates: 50€ (normal certificate), 100€ (detailed certificate)

Other diverse general medical activities: Depending on the type and duration of the activity

All services will be charged in cash!

Appointment cancellations – please not later than 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise it will be charged! Reimbursement of costs – As an elective doctor, I am not in any contractual relationship with the health insurance companies and thus I am working as a private doctor. You have to pay the fee yourself in cash. The cost reimbursement varies and is up to 80% of what a doctor with a health insurance contract would have received for this treatment. Certain alternative and complementary medical services are usually not refundable.